Accepting a Job Offer

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Now that you are in a position of receiving a job offer, you need to consider the details carefully. You may be comparing a new opportunity against your current position or you may be considering two, or multiple offers against each other. It’s important to make sure that you have all of the details at hand in order to fairly compare the opportunities. It’s also important to consider the short, medium and long term prospects as well as how the offers compare to your original reasons for looking for a new opportunity.

Most of the time, an offer will be inline with your expectations and hopefully acceptable but occasionally, if perhaps your moving in to a different industry, or there will be an element of training from the employer for example, you may have additional questions on the offer. It’s important to use the right form of communication here; sometimes an email can be interpreted in the wrong way where as it’s easier to get your tone across correctly on the telephone. That said, if you have an agreement in writing, you can always refer back to it.

At TPF, we will manage every element of the offer process for you and will ensure that we negotiate the best possible offer in line with your motivations, however occasionally you may liaise directly with the employer.

Here are some important details to consider and to compare:



Study support

Medical/ Health insurance

Local Amenities


Start Date

Remote Working

Work life balance

Commuting Time & Cost

Holiday Allowance

Probation & Notice Period

Flexible Working

Culture / Working Environment

Working Hours


Statutory Sick Pay

Part time/ Full time

Travel Requirements of The Job

Earning Potential


Maternity/ Paternity Policies

Progression Prospects

Reporting Structure

Job Security

When negotiating with an employer, it’s important to remain polite and to have a logical , and realistic request. Prior to negotiating, it may be worth doing some research or speaking to TPF Recruitment to make sure that your expectations are realistic.

Once you have come to an agreement, you’re in a position to accept the job offer. If you have come to a new agreement from the original offer, the employer will provide you with a revised offer letter. More often than not, there will be an opportunity to sign the offer letter as your acceptance but occasionally you may need to write to the employer to confirm your acceptance. This can be done via email or a written letter; You will need to write that you are accepting the offer and confirm the details of the offer including the name of the business, the job title, start date and salary/ benefits.

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