Preparing to Recruit

Preparing to recruit

So it’s time to hire somebody new into your team but unfortunately you can’t put your day job on hold while you recruit. Here are a handful of tips and things to consider to give you the best chance in attracting and recruiting the best candidates for your business with minimal disruption. It’s important to give your recruitment process some serious thought and to put a plan in place before advertising your position.

  • What is the need? is it growth?is it a direct replacement? Is it temporary or permanent? Could you consider a junior or more senior position? Perhaps part time?
  • How are you going to secure the right candidate? Directly, via TPF Recruitment?
  • What is the need and what skills / person do you need to hire. Remember to consider what skills are essential and what skills are desirable.
  • Personality; think about the type of person that will suit the position but most importantly your team. Build a diverse team by hiring based on the person's competency to do the job.
  • What has worked or failed in the past- Industry Backgrounds, level of experience, qualifications, locations, team structure, training….
  • Consider flexible working to expand the candidate pool - full time versus part time, locations, remote working, job share, etc.
  • Timeframes - when do you need to hire? When are you going to conduct the interviews? What’s your availability like? Remember candidates are on different notice periods.
  • Who’s going to be involved in the recruitment process and what role is everybody going to play?
  • Process - what interview process are you going to follow? 1 stage, 2 stages, competency based questions, aptitude tests, a presentation, perhaps a team meet?
  • Who's going to look after the administration- Advert, collating CVs, liaising with the candidate, writing the offer letter, collecting references, documents etc.

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